You should purchase Mobile Presets if you do NOT own Lightroom CC. All presets can by synced to mobile via Lightroom CC 1.4+, therefore we sell Mobile Presets for those that do not own Lightroom and wish to only use the free mobile app and/or can not sync via Lightroom CC because they only own a lower version of Lightroom.



I can't access my Paypal Email.

The email containing your download link is sent to your Paypal address. If you do not have access to that inbox you should go into your Paypal settings and add an email address that you can access. You will need to set this address as your Primary Paypal address. You can then log in to Paypal using this new, accessible email address to complete your purchase.
Log in to Paypal and under Profile select Profile and Settings. Look for Email and select Update. You may add multiple email addresses that can then receive payments and/or log in to your account.



I haven't received my download email.

If it's been 15 minutes since placing your order and you still haven't received any email from us, then 99% of the time this means you made a typo in your email address. You'll need to use our contact form and send as much information as you can so I can locate your order. The name you placed the order under is usually enough, if you have an order number from your final order screen, that helps. I will correct your email address and have your emails resent right away. Using the contact form on this site is the fastest way to get help!


My coupon didn't work.

It is up to you to make sure your total is correct prior to submitting your order. When using a coupon we suggest you do not use any Express Checkout buttons (ShopPay, GooglePay, ApplePay, Paypal, etc). Proceed through checkout and locate the discount code box. Place your code in the box and hit APPLY. Failure to properly apply your coupon will result in being charged full price. We will not retroactively apply coupons. If a code is not working and giving the expected discount, do not complete your purchase and contact us right away using our contact form.